• David Berkowitz

    David Berkowitz

  • Brandt Hershman

    Brandt Hershman

    Conservative, Senate Majority Floor Leader, Government reformer, tax cutter. Building Indiana by relocating Illinois businesses, one company at a time....

  • Josh Wolfe

    Josh Wolfe

    VC investor, entrepreneur, fund manager, Lux Capital. Editor Forbes Emerging Tech, Chairman Coney Island Prep Charter School

  • Mohan Narendran

    Mohan Narendran

  • Rick Shute

    Rick Shute

  • Berin Szóka

    Berin Szóka

    Lawyer, President of @TechFreedom, a dynamist tech policy think tank. Expert in telecom, consumer protection, Internet, and space law

  • Adrian Blake

    Adrian Blake

    Adrian Blake is A PIPer, and helps people and organizations solve problems. Alumnus of SNL, McKinsey, and Progressive Farmer. NYC, London, LA, Omaha.

  • Paulmanning


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